About Night Time Logic

Night Time Logic is an occasional salon bringing readings and themed fiction based events to both traditional and non traditional venues in New York City, Brooklyn, Long Island, and places beyond. *

The goal of the salon is to reach new readers and introduce them to science fiction, fantasy, horror, weird fiction, interstitial fiction, and all kinds of fiction. We aim to accomplish this by hosting events in places not normally associated with fiction readings, adding components to the events such as music and art, and by having fun and varied themes and locations for each event.

Author and editor Daniel Braum is the host of the series. A rotating roster of co-hosts may appear at different events.

While most of the planned events will be in and around New York City events are planned around the country and around the world.

What is Night Time Logic? It has sometimes called dream logic. It is the element to fantastic stories that we feel but do not necessarily process with our waking mind or “day time” logic. Do you know the works of authors Robert Aickman or Kelly Link? Have you seen the films It Follows or The Babadook? Do you listen to the music of Kate Bush or Dead Can Dance ? Then perhaps you already know.

The series hopes to celebrate stories with Night Time Logic but all the best kinds of fantastic fiction will be showcased.

On any given night New York is an embarrassment of riches of fantastic things to do. Often there are more than one must go to literary event on any given night. Host Daniel Braum is a fan of and regular attendee of The Fantastic Fiction Reading Series, The Hour of the Wolf, and the Pen Parentis Salon and encourages you to attend and support these long running top of the line events. Daniel will bring you events that do not conflict with these series and that offer something different and something and often somewhere different each time. Watch this site for information. A notification list and social media presence and group will be coming very soon.

Readers. Book lovers. Gamers. Pop culture aficionados. Lovers of film, fiction, and art. This one is for you.

Bear with us as the kinks are worked out of this site. Meanwhile please click on the menu in the upper right corner Upcoming Events for information about Angela Slatter and Lisa L. Hannett reading at the Kill Bar on November 4, 2015 !

( Coming soon- Kaiju Party USA 2016 ! )

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